This is a public domain holy bible. Read holy scripture and related books here. This web site is incomplete and in development. This is a transcription and translation project.

Note from March 13, 2023: The past year, I *practiced* transcribing the Greek. I discovered that the PDF of the source material needed to be corrected. Pages were missing, out of order, and duplicated. February and March 2023, I fixed my source and uploaded variations of it to -- Now I am redoing all my transcription work. This will again take some time, but I hope to complete this step within a year. The following is old material. Here is the book I am currently working on: Genesis. Rather than re-type everything, I will try proofreading what I did instead, and I also want to transcribe the Latin extra parts of the publication. In the end, I suppose I am going to be transcribing the entire Complutensian Polyglot. Here goes...

I am going to enter the text all over again, and proofread it programmatically, not spell-check, not according to a dictionary.

Here is an introduction video giving examples of corruption of all the holy bibles in English* and showing why I am doing this work. The truth of God's love and Jesus Christ's divinity is being hidden from the world.

Hidden Truth video: (Bitchute) (YouTube) (Download: highres, lowres)

It looks to me that I am the only person who cares about the accuracy of God's words.* Protest against my viewpoint all you want, but I stand alone. No one has so much as said they would give me a penny for my work. Almost every church leader among every Christian denomination has chosen to disregard me and has shown little or no care about God's words. I see their pride devaluing them as they carelessly pursue satanism instead. By their fruits I recognize them. (Leave us all alone, Gamaliel Foundation members! You've infiltrated the churches, schools, and government to promote your toxic transsexual-Covid marxist subversions of our Christian nations, and we're sick of your satanic perversions! May the Lord cast you out or strike you down with lightning as he has done to others! Repent, you fools.) But to those few men and women church leaders, family, and friends who have invested in me time and guidance, thank you so much!

* My work is not textual criticism of Greek sources. All the English bibles I have seen inject opinion or show a lack of consideration of Greek sources.

This may be confusing for some readers, but let's take a simple example. I ask you why the beginning statements of Genesis are so different, even in the side-by-side comparison within the Complutensian Polyglot itself. The Latin in the left column is significantly different from the Latin in the center column. Can anyone today tell me why the CP's Alexandrian text is so different to the Latin Vulgate text? I am still learning.

I am trying to transcribe at least one chapter per day. More recently, I tend to average about one chapter per hour. Currently, I can transcribe one Old Testament book per day. In the New Testament books, I transcribe anywhere from half a book to several books in a day. For efficiency, I save proofreading until after I have entered the text. Text with a magenta-shade background means I did not yet proofread that text I entered. If there is a magenta background, that means I am allowing for the fact that I made mistakes. Sometimes I even notice a mistake but leave it for later correction.

Task List: (current; completed)

  1. Start this web site.
  2. Transcribe the Complutensian Polyglot's Greek text:
    • Genesis (transcription #2: ended 2022/07/09)
    • Exodus (transcription #29: ended 2022/10/04)
    • Leviticus (transcription #30, with vacation time: ended 2022/12/07)
    • Numbers (transcription #31: ended 2022/12/28)
    • Deuteronomy (transcription #32: ended 2023/01/05)
    • Joshua (transcription #33: ended 2023/01/06)
    • Judges (transcription #34: ended 2023/01/12)
    • Ruth (transcription #35: ended 2023/01/13)
    • 1st Samuel (transcription #36: ended 2023/01/26)
    • 2nd Samuel (transcription #37: ended 2023/01/28)
    • 1st Kings (transcription #38: ended 2023/02/06)
    • 2nd Kings (transcription #39: ended 2023/02/11)
    • 1st Chronicles (transcription #40: ended 2023/02/14)
    • 2nd Chronicles
    • PAUSE TO CHECK PAGE ORDERING OF SOURCE FILES. USE A PDF PROGRAM TO COMPILE A BETTER SOURCE PDF WITH PAGES THAT ARE IN ORDER AND NOT MISSING, TAKEN FROM BOTH PDF SOURCE FILES. NOTE THE DIFFERENCES TO MY TRANSCRIBED PAGES AND GO BACK AND FIX THOSE BEFORE CONTINUING. (result: Complutensian Polyglot Bible of 1514 on I am now going back and redoing the transcription work again, starting with Genesis. Today is March 13, 2023. I am going to use the enhanced color images as my source for transcribing; this is an earlier edition before errata. I must consider the errata during my proofreading and revision step.
    • Ezra
    • Nehemiah
    • Tobit
    • Judith
    • Esther
    • Job
    • Psalms
    • Proverbs
    • Ecclesiastes
    • Song of Songs
    • Wisdom of Solomon
    • Ecclesiasticus (Sirach)
    • Isaiah
    • Jeremiah
    • Lamentations
    • Baruch
    • Ezekiel
    • Daniel
    • Hosea
    • Joel
    • Amos
    • Obadiah
    • Jonah
    • Micah
    • Nahum
    • Habakkuk
    • Zephaniah
    • Haggai
    • Zechariah
    • Malachi
    • 1st Maccabees
    • 2nd Maccabees
    • 3rd Maccabees
    • Matthew (transcription #1: ended 2022/05/29)
    • Mark (transcription #3: ended 2022/07/10)
    • Luke (4)
    • John (5)
    • Romans (6)
    • 1st Corinthians (7)
    • 2nd Corinthians (8)
    • Galatians (9)
    • Ephesians (10)
    • Philippians (11)
    • Colossians (12)
    • 1st Thessalonians (13)
    • 2nd Thessalonians (14)
    • 1st Timothy (15)
    • 2nd Timothy (16)
    • Titus (17)
    • Philemon (18)
    • Hebrews (19; transcriptions #4-19: ended 2022/08/05)
    • Acts (20: ended 2022/08/16)
    • James / Jacob (21)
    • 1st Peter (22)
    • 2nd Peter (23)
    • 1st John (24)
    • 2nd John (25)
    • 3rd John (26)
    • Jude (27)
    • Revelation (28; transcriptions #21-28: ended 2022/08/31)
  3. Proofread the Greek, comparing uncertainties to other works.
  4. Include marginal cross-references.
  5. Transcribe the Latin introductions.
  6. Proofread the Latin introductions.
  7. Consider other sources...
  8. Translate...
  9. Publish...

This is simply a transcription of the Greek scripture text within the larger Complutensian Polyglot manuscript PDF file that I found at which has a copyright marking of the National Library of Spain. It is an effort to transcribe literally as it appears, with some exceptions that I mention in my notes, for the purpose of being as close as I can get to the original intended writing.

This takes some time to do. Today is April 27, 2022.


You may contact me at the protonmail e-mail address "galaxyverse". I appreciate your correspondence and time and interest. I hope to hear from you! My name is Robert. Please pray for me. I work to bring knowledge of God's love and Jesus' divinity to the English-speaking language while all our bibles have been corrupted to remove this information.